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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Terrak Games currently has enough funding to produce our first game. This includes outsourcing, marketing, new workstations, and a few other expenses. So why did we create a Patreon?

To put it simply, the more funding we receive, the bigger and better the game will be. We currently have one Lead Level Designer, and one Lead Programmer, and that is it. The current workload of marketing, managing social medias, Q&A, VO, sound design, and everything in between will be split evenly between our two developers. With more funding however, we will be able to add more members to our team and they will be able to help where help is needed.


Our current developers have the skills and knowledge to produce and ship this game fully, but who wouldn’t like a little bit of help sometimes? We’ve set up goals to reach on our Patreon to give estimates where we feel comfortable adding to our team. Let’s go over them:

$2,000 Per Month: We will expand our PR and Marketing Operations for the game to reach more people and broaden our audience. This will include full-time Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Website managing.

$7,000 Per Month: Short and Sweet: More Maps! We currently have plans to ship 12 fully developed levels with our game at the start. We’ll be able to add another Level Designer to increase this number and ship the game with way more levels!

$14,000 Per Month: With this level of funding we’ll be able to add 2D and 3D artists to our team to increase asset creation and quality.

$18,000 Per Month: At our max goal we’ll be able to add more experienced programmers to our team to help create more features, systems, and mechanics to our game.


We currently have 4 Tiers for anyone who would like to become a Patron. Let’s break down each tier to give a little bit more of an explanation:

Ambassador ($12): Unlock behind the scenes content such as Developer Vlogs, Pictures / Videos of early gameplay as well as your name in the credits of the game as an “Patreon Ambassador”.

Sponsor ($48): Gain previous rewards as well as a Free Digital Copy of the Game’s Official Soundtrack on release of the game, 8K UHHD HDR Wallpapers, and the Official “Terrrak Games Vol 1 Sticker Collection”.

Partner ($256): Gain previous rewards as well as access to Alpha & Pre-Alpha Dev Builds of our game while in Development, Exclusive in-game Terrak Games Weapon Skin (which is only for Developers, Partners and Founders!), and the Partner Box – a custom Terrak Games Designer Box which includes the Official “Terrak Games Vol 1 Sticker Collection”, Terrak Games Dev T-Shirt, and a Thank You Card.

Founder ($5,000): Only one person may be a Founder. Gain previous rewards as well as become an in-game Character that will be modelled after you! You'll also be able to name and design your character that all players can play as. Instead of the Partner Box, Founders receive the Founder Box – the same as the Partner Box except it also includes a high-quality Laser-Etched Terrak Games BlenderBottle© and the Official Terrak Games Developer Lanyard that only the original 3 members have!


If you would like to support us and unlock these awesome rewards, become a Patron today! When the shipments arrive and we begin setting up our Partner and Founder Boxes (very soon!), we will post images on our socials so you can see what they look like! (Trust me, they’re amazing!) You can find the link to our Patreon down below.

Thank you all!

– Terrak Games


Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We asked on our Twitter @TerrakGames what questions you had for our upcoming undisclosed in-development zombies game. We're here to answer.

Our game is designed around a unique way of progression through our headquarters system that integrates crafting, looting, assigning contracts, and more of our mechanics. We can't wait to discuss more about this in the future.

You can fully expect a wave-based enemies experience in our game's unique levels. We aim to make diverse and unique environments while maintaining a gritty, realistic-look, and we're doing that in Unreal Engine.

Throughout the game as you progress and unlock levels you will discover details about our overarching story to our game. We've spent a lot of time drafting an outline and are currently homing in on finalizing our unique story. We want to cater our story to those who love storytelling and diving deep into the lore, while also making sure casual players can understand the story in a basic manner.

Our game will release exclusively on Steam in order to fully integrate a steam workshop for community content, the steam community market, and more Steamworks features.

We have a Patreon for those who wish to help support the funding and creation of our game so we can make it bigger and better. Patreon tiers include merch, early-access, behind the scenes content, artwork, wallpapers, and more.

We have a long journey ahead of us and we are going to be as transparent as we can throughout the entire process. We will post dev blogs here on our website, as well as in the future hosting team meetings within our Discord server that you will be able to tune into and get early glimpses of our game.

We hope we have answered some of your burning questions. There is still so much more to be discussed in the future as development progresses further, and we seriously can’t wait to let you all in on the details.

If you wish to join our Discord server, support us on Patreon, or follow us on our Socials, these links will be provided below.

This is just the beginning, and we can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

Thank you all, and you’ll be hearing from us again soon. Sincerely, Terrak Games.


Welcome! We are Terrak Games, a small group of indie developers who are looking to make amazing games. We cant wait to show you what we have in store for the future of our company, as well as our first ever game! Follow us on Twitter to be up to date with us, as well as Facebook and Instagram. Twitter: @TerrakGames Facebook: @TerrakGames Instagram: @TerrakGames

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